The Malmgren Strategic Institute (MSI) is an intellectual hub with practical applications.


Our principal, Dr. Harald B. Malmgren is known for his ability to take the complexities of human societies and distil the essential lessons across a comprehensive range of factors, avoiding the trap of narrow siloed thinking so prevalent in today’s world.


With these insights in mind one can begin to glean the path ahead, and instead of constantly reacting to change with no cohesive strategy, one can anticipate it and develop a range of solutions ahead of time.


It is our mission to deliver insights and advice required for devising an optimal strategic position.


We work with policy makers and business leaders who are seeking a broader set of perspectives and a depth of wisdom that only real-world experience can deliver.


We aim to deliver lasting change by helping to inspire and educate tomorrow's leaders in both the civic and commercial spheres. 



Standing on the shoulders of giants...
Meet Dr. Malmgren...

Dr. Malmgren has had the benefit of working with some of the brightest intellects across the military, geopolitical and economic spheres over the years and we at the Malmgren Strategic Institute (MSI) work to harness the many lessons Dr. Malmgren has gathered over time. We aim to distil these priceless insights into actionable 'blueprints' for a deeper and broader level of understanding. 


Dr. Malmgren has been identified as one of the 100 most influential geopolitical experts in the world.

His public service started out in the defence area in 1962 working under the Kennedy administration on the Anti-Ballistic Missile problem, the defence of NATO's central front & broader weapons systems analysis. 


Dr. Malmgren is a true scholar and has held the position of Ambassador, international trade negotiator, senior aide to the US congress and four US Presidents. He has been a trusted advisor to foreign leaders and CEOs of multinational corporations across all sectors and is an avid reader and a frequent author of articles and white papers on matters pertaining to geoeconomic, political and security affairs.

He graduated B.A. summa cum laude from Yale University in 1957 and was awarded Yale’s Howland Fellowship for study and travel abroad. During his time at Yale he was selected to work as a Research Assistant to Nobel Laureate Thomas Schelling during his work on ‘The Strategy of Conflict’, a ground-breaking work that brought the frameworks of game theory to bare on economics and the social sciences. Upon graduation from Yale, Dr. Malmgren was invited to study at Oxford University under the Nobel Price winner Sir John Hicks. During this period he also spent time at Harvard and eventually received numerous awards for his academic work and was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from Oxford.


Upon completion of his studies he was appointed to the positions of Professor at both the College of Engineering and the College of Arts & Sciences at Cornell University. But, he was soon invited to join the Kennedy Administration where he was he was appointed to the Institute for Defence Analysis, where he acted as special advisor to the Secretary of Defence, Robert McNamara, while serving as Head of the Economics Group of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and as an advisor on the Weapons Systems Evaluation Group (WSEG) at the Pentagon. He was deeply involved in the management of the Cuban Missile Crisis. 


Dr. Malmgren was then recruited to serve in the role as a member of the senior staff of the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR), and as special advisor to the National Security Council in the Executive Office of the President.


In 1965 he was appointed the first Assistant Special Representative for Trade Negotiations. He then went onto become the Director of Research at the Overseas Development Council between 1969 and 1971. During this time he also acted as a Special Advisor to the Senate Finance Committee.

In 1971, President Nixon asked Dr. Malmgren to serve as a special advisor on international economic policy and appointed him as the Principal Deputy US Trade Representative with Ambassador rank, to function as the chief US trade negotiator. During this time he was charged with creating the framework for a Transpacific economic cooperation organisation.


In 1973 at the behest of President Nixon and French President Pompidou, Dr. Malmgren worked directly with French Finance Minister Giscard d’Estaing to devise and subsequently launch the Tokyo Round of world trade negotiations leading to the formation of the modern GATT/WTO system.

In 1974 he worked with the Senate Finance Committee to draft the historically innovative “fast track trade negotiations” provision which became embodied in the Trade Act of 1974. After Gerald Ford took office in 1974, Dr. Malmgren was asked to add to his activities the role of Special Advisor on global economic and security issues to the President.

After leaving government, he was appointed as a Fellow of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars at the Smithsonian Institution. He also continued serving as an adviser to the Senate Finance Committee in 1976.


In 1976-77 He returned to teaching as Professor of Business and Public Management at George Washington University. This has been followed by a number of roles in the private sector and more recently a role as an advisor on economics and strategy to global leaders.


Dr. Malmgren’s career is a testament to his intellectual curiosity, real world operational effectiveness, and dedication to public service.

He is the human embodiment of the ancient Greek saying; “A society grows great only when people plant trees whose fruit they shall never enjoy and whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” As such he is the inspiration for everything we do at the Institute.

Today, through the MSI, his wealth of knowledge is available to business and political leaders, who can benefit from his deep institutional memory and long experience.

The MSI commitment...

The Malmgren Strategic Institute (MSI) is an association of global thinkers, from different ‘walks of life’ and different geographical locations, who offer unique insights and strategic solutions for understanding and harnessing global trends and events.


We are dedicated to the mission of providing global leaders – public and private – with the tools and insights required for making informed decisions required for navigating the evolving geoeconomic realities.


We aim to help shape the conversation on how to build a framework for a better future.


It has been well said that a society can only become great if old men and women are prepared to plant trees who’s shade and fruit they shall never get to enjoy.


We are committed to 'planting and nurturing forests' for future generations, be it by playing an active role in developing strategic thought and the principles for optimal long term strategic planning as well as helping educate the next generation of leaders.


Our Approach...

Predicting the future is hard. However, one can prepare for the future. There is an old nautical saying that; "The wind and the waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators." At MSI we work hard every day to make sure we are helping to create 'the ablest navigators.'


Forecasting the future is a fraught enterprise. However, one can discern probable paths and establish milestones to watch for to either confirm or disconfirm ones thesis. One can learn from the past. Change is not an event, it is a process and as such by identifying and observing the steps of a process one can discern indications of changes to come and the related probabilities of them unfolding. With this one can be better prepared for an uncertain future.

You can’t know everything. Not everything can be fitted into neat boxes, human activity is complex. In most cases the best one can strive for is to get a sense of the underlying momentum and develop contingencies for the various potential scenarios with related actionable strategic plans.


That is what we seek to provide  - a sense of where we are, how we arrived here and what may come. The lessons of history, decades of experience at the heart of decision making, an understanding of the inherent limitations and opportunities defined by permanent and enduring factors such as geography and demographics inform our thinking as well as monitoring key global systems, institutions, cultural aspects and that historically proven catalyst for rapid change in the affairs of mankind - technology.   


Our Solutions...

Lessons from history for the path ahead...

We produce timely and event driven reports on the past, present and future global developments in geopolitics, macro economics, technology & the military spheres.


Our aim is to make people think and to sow the seeds for ongoing global conversations on the key topics of our time in order to produce clear and constructive roadmaps for the paths ahead.


We heed the lessons of history and build our analytical frameworks on the foundations of over 60 years of Dr. Harald B. Malmgren’s efforts across all areas of global governance and industry.


The search for knowledge and better systems continues. In the larger scope of the long arch of history, the journey has just begun.


Join the conversation at our special MSI events – Such as our regular Under the Tree Sessions for global leaders and our Seed Corn Gatherings, focused on the leaders of tomorrow with the aim of engaging the next generations in matters pertaining to strategic thought.


Our team is also available for speaking engagements if we see a shared mission and an opportunity to expand the conversation to new audiences.

Who we work with...

Our advisory business is available to:



Public Agencies & Institutions.

Educational Institutions.

Private sector organisations.


Institutional & Accredited Investors.


Tailored research work...

We live in complex world, governments, public institutions, corporations and investors are faced with much uncertainty.


Harness our team to provide unique perspectives and answers. We tailor our research for your benefit. 


Change is not an event. It is a process. As such we can work to identify and pinpoint the steps involved in a given process so you can be prepared for potential changes that will affect the positioning of your nation, your business, your policy or your proposed plan.  

Contact Us to explore how we may help you see further and prepare for the path ahead.

Advisory services...

We can work directly with decision makers in the public and private sphere in a highly customised and private manner. 

When making big decisions one can benefit from a trusted advisor with decades of experience across both matters of government and business affairs.


With our intricate understanding of 'The Way It Works' we can bring a comprehensive set of insights and solutions to the table and engage you and your team in a constructive dialogue on how to navigate the uncharted seas facing the world today.


Contact Us to learn more about how we work with global leaders and ensure they have the tools to make the optimal decisions. 

Insightful conversations...

Attend our exclusive events for strong insights and to interact with our team and other likeminded global leaders.


We host 'Under the Tree' events for small gatherings doing deep dives on global trends in an informal format. This is a perfect setting for real conversations about pertinent matters and to network with your global peers and sector experts.


We also offer interactive web-events for open Q&As with our global team.  

Members of our team can also be made available for speaking engagements at events which we feel match our broader objectives for promoting an open dialogue on key challenges and opportunities.

Contact Us to inquire about availability at our upcoming events or to book time with our team. 

A diverse team with a focused mission...

The Founding Partners...

Dr. Harald B. Malmgren

Senior Partner

Dr. Malmgren is a scholar, an US Ambassador, international negotiator, senior aide to the US Congress and four US Presidents and generations of international leaders. He is an advisor to political leaders and CEOs of multinational corporations across the world and a frequent author of articles and white papers on matters

pertaining to global economic, political and security affairs.

He is known for his ability to take the complexities of human societies and distil the essential lessons. He helps people avoid the trap of narrow and siloed thinking that has become so prevalent today.


Mr. Sune Hojgaard Sorensen


Mr. Hojgaard Sorensen is the founder of Librarium Associates, an independent research facility focused on geopolitical and macro-economic trends. In his world renowned work he draws on: his varied experiences living around the world, his insatiable intellectual curiosity, a driven pursuit of variant perceptions from a wide array of sources, a deep bench of diverse contacts across continents and industries and over fifteen years of experience in the investment industry in a multitude of roles and across asset classes. 


He has a record of consistently being able to provide unique insights that frame path probabilities, developments and future trends into clear and defined ideas that in turn enable sophisticated investors to make superior decisions.

​Mr. Hojgaard Sorensen is an Advisory Board Member of the BFI Capital Group in Switzerland. He works with this distinguished group of individuals on matters pertaining to identifying global risks and opportunities and distilling investable insights for the development of long term investment strategies for a select group of accredited investors. He is also an Independent Asset Management Partner with the group's asset management arm, BFI Infinity AG. 

Mr. Eduardo Galiano


Mr. Galiano is a truly global operator, splitting his time between Asia and the US and anywhere in between. He is an active player in the global Venture Capital, with a focus on technology, particularly cyber security. He has studied cyber security systems and systems dynamics at MIT under Professor Jay Forrester.


In addition to his work as an active VC investor, he is also an active mentor to the businesses he has an interest in. He has a proven track record of creating long-term value in several economic sectors and helping to develop great corporate leaders along the way. 


He is a former management consultant and big data specialist for McKinsey & Company Inc. He has been the director for a South East Asian commodity trading company with a focus on the agricultural and precious metals segments.   

He has been an advisor to current and former CEOs and the Chairman of major commodity exchanges in North America and Asia focusing on risk management and big data analysis. 

Mr. Galiano brings a diverse range of competencies to the table and is equally comfortable in the boardroom of multi-national corporations as he is going deep into the back country of South East Asia and South America in pursuit of gaining the all important informational edge.

A Deep Global Bench... 

In the world of sports a 'deep bench' signifies a team with a large group of very talented players. At MSI we can draw on a deep global bench of sector and geographical specialists in the academic, public service and corporate sectors.


Our research work is collaborative by design and we always seek to bring diverse perspectives into the conversation.


With this team of teams approach we can go as deep and as broad as we wish on any subject that has captured our interest as well as bouncing our ideas around with some of the premier global thinkers and practitioners in any field. 

Real insights are rarely discovery out of nowhere. It is often the result of fortuitous collisions, in which different fields of expertise that don't traditionally communicate come together. This is a process we are committed to and our global bench of contacts play a crucial role.

A never-ending pursuit of understanding...

We bring a humility and deep commitment to continuous learning to our work that is rare. While there is a trend towards the binary and being an optimist, a pessimist or an idealist we choose the path of the realist.


This is crucial for retaining an open mind that is the prerequisite for building real understanding. It is this pursuit of independence that gives us the level of integrity and authenticity required to provide a truly top-of-class range of services.


It all begins with seeking understanding. 




The Malmgren Strategic Institute has a presence in the US, Europe & Asia.

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